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November 06 2017

By lepiej poznać ludzi
wystarczy tylko raz
zrobić coś wbrew ich woli.
— Woody Allen
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September 03 2017

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July 30 2017

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July 29 2017

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Firewood by johann Smari


Couple Celebrates Geometric Architecture Around the World With Eccentric Photographs

Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda, a couple based in Valencia, Spain plays around with architectural pieces sprawled all across the globe, their photographic series documenting the tales of their travels.
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July 28 2017



The Nine of Cups


The Nine of Swords

The King of Swords

The Hanged Man

The Hermit

The Six of Swords

The Eight of Cups

The Five of Cups

The Sun

The Three of Swords

‘The Ghetto Tarot’: Haitian artists transform classic tarot deck into stunning real life scenes:

Welcome to the Ghetto Tarot, a project from award-winning documentary photographer Alice Smeets and a group of Haitian artists known as Atis Rezistans. The idea was to take the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck of 78 cards and create a photographic version of each card using settings and objects in the vibrant ghetto of Haiti.

As Smeets says, “The spirit of the Ghetto Tarot project is the inspiration to turn negative into positive while playing. The group of artists ‘Atiz Rezistans’ use trash to create art with their own visions that are a reflection of the beauty they see hidden within the waste. They are claiming the word ‘Ghetto,’ thus freeing themselves of its depreciating undertone and turning it into something beautiful.”

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Wesprzyjcie słowiańską grę planszową Stworze! (link)

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